Access Control

Security Experts Agree—Businesses Should Expect Employee Theft

Anyone can be tempted to steal.

Whether you are a small business owner or oversee the assets of a Fortune 500 company, the risk of employee theft is a very real concern. Perhaps you believe your workers are trustworthy: you have a diligent screening and hiring process, there is very little turnover and your staff has been with you for decades. All well and good, but the harsh truth is in the right situation anyone can be tempted.

How Do I Protect My Company From Employee Theft?

Access control removes the need for security guards.

In the past, complete 24/7 protection of a company’s assets required a combination of services:

  • Security Guards: Physical, intimidating manpower.
  • Reliable Locksmith: Expensive professionals to rekey doors & safes at short notice.
  • Sign In Logs: Easily manipulated clipboards and paper.

Even with these costly, antiquated precautions, theft was still happening!

The good news is that none of these expensive, old school safety measures are necessary! With advancements in technology, Access Control Systems are now available to automatically protect your business round the clock, nearly eliminating the risk of employee theft completely while adding to your company’s bottom line.

How Can An Access Control System Protect My Business?

It’s never been easier, or more affordable, to safely ensure your company is protected from both major and minor acts of employee theft and vandalism.
Our Access Control Systems provide convenience, peace of mind, security and safety, 24 hours a day, enabling you to focus your attention where it belongs—making your company profitable!

With packages and services to fit every budget, Alarm Detection Systems is able to provide Access Control Systems customized to your specific needs. Just some of the options available include:

Swipe card technology grants access to only those who need it.

  • Totally Programmable Keypad Access: Never again will you need to spend money to rekey doors at your facility!
  • Magnetic Swipe Card Technology: Grant permission to only the employees that need access to sensitive areas of your business!
  • Integrated Software: Now you can have the ability to provide permission and restrictions to any employee in your company directly from your computer.
  • Valuable Reporting: With the click of mouse, run a chronological history as to who accessed any area of your office or business.
  • Building Entry Integration: Remotely open doors, allowing entry to only credentialed employees while revoking access to solicitors!

Plus, all of our Access Control Systems are completely expandable, able to grow with your evolving business!

Are you ready to sleep better at night knowing your interests are protected from disgruntled or dishonest employees? Would you like to learn more regarding how Access Control Systems can help save your company money? Contact Taylor Cool at 301.223.4800 to schedule your free consultation. To request a quote simply complete the form on this page!