“Video Tapes, VCRs & Watch Dogs Does Not A Security System Make.”
-That Guy That Just Got Robbed


ADS—Businesses’ First Choice For Affordable, Customizable Security

It’s time to finally get rid of all those old VCR tapes.

Still stubbornly struggling along with your outdated security system? Just can’t let go of that “state-of-the-art” equipment from 1988? It’s time you have a realistic talk with that old VCR and clunky camera and let them ride off into the sunset.

We will never gamble with our client’s safety. We do, however, feel it’s a safe bet that a new, feature laden security system from ADS is less expensive than what you paid for the system you’re currently using!

Affordable, Customizable Security Solutions For Your Business 

ADS has the latest security equipment and monitoring services able to affordably protect your business or home. We are ready to help you select the right equipment and monitoring that best suits your needs and budget.

Choose from a wide variety of technology including:

Identify your suspect with an array of high definition cameras and displays.

  • High Definition Security Cameras: Crystal clear images of your workplace that will not only deter thieves, but also keep your employees honest.
  • DVR Technology: Capture and record what transpires in your workplace 24/7.
  • Incident Video Capture: Email video clips to authorities & insurance agencies, monitor employee attendance and perform live look ins—even remotely—to ensure your business is protected.
  • Alarm Systems: Security and fire detection systems to alert you in real time, protecting your company from vandalism, theft and accidental damage.
  • Monitoring Services: Professional, 24/7 oversight of your entire facility, providing security, peace of mind and more time to focus on the fundamentals of operating your business.

Call Taylor Cool at 301.223.4800 to learn how you can bring your security system up to date! To request a quote, simply complete the form at the bottom of this page. The safety and security of your employees, customers, family and property depends on it.